Terms AND Conditions

VoxPopulii is primarily a Market Research services provider and therefore most of our views on your privacy protection and data use are based on the ethos from the MRSI Code of Conduct.

  1. The cut-off age for being a member is 18 years. A person shall be eligible to become our member upon completion of 18 years of age.
  2. You must create your membership using your original, authentic and real name. Each individual is entitled to only one membership.
  3. Please responsibly provide only genuine and authentic details whilst creating your membership. Ensure that your contact details are up to date. Please do not misrepresent yourself.
  4. Please ensure that the free services are not exploited by using them across individual members targeting the same purpose; either from the same organization or working on the same project.
  5. Please use the services in a professional manner.
  6. Please do not upload abusive content or use abusive language to conduct your Polls, Ratings, Rankings or Your Thoughts. If the content that you upload is objectionable; we shallBan it with or without notice.
  7. Please ensure that you have the right to share the content that you upload and also its intent.
  8. If any of the words or pictures uploaded by you in lieu of utilizing the services at VoxPopulii are found to be abusive, objectionable, illegal or harmful in any way for any community or race; we reserve the right to Ban it and stall it immediately.
  9. Please use our services responsibly and use your discretion to determine the best audience/ respondents for your Polls, Ratings, Rankings and Your Thoughts services. Not only should the question(s) and picture(s) be non-abusive but should also be suitable to the broadcast list that you employ. We shall immediately take strict actions in case of any objections raised or in case of reports of abuse.
  10. Within the purview of Market Research and New Service Offerings; we shall have rights over the database created through service offerings at VoxPopulii.
  11. Please do not disclose your password and ensure its privacy. You are responsible for all activities in your account.
  12. Please ensure that you’re up to date regarding our service offerings and pricing and the taxes applicable as these are subject to change from time to time.
  13. We are not responsible for member’s uploads and if you find any image or text that are abusive; please report the same to us immediately.
  14. Please do not use bots or other automated methods to access the services, add or download contacts, send or redirect messages.
  15. We shall not without your explicit permission share the results of your Polls, Ratings, Rankings and Your Thoughts. However, the database created shall be used to derive aggregate insights which shall be shared in a manner so as not to disclose any information that may hamper your business interests.
  16. We would encourage you to use the results of our Poll of The Day service as it is intended to address current issues that impact our society at large. However, whenever you share the results either via social media, print news or through your official communication channels please ensure that you explicitly mention the source of your quote example: “Source: VoxPopulii.in”.
  17. The information that you collect from others by putting yourselves in our shoes i.e. those of a market researcher; shall deserve the same treatment that you would expect from us. We shall not disclose the information to you in a format that may jeopardize the secrecy of the individual responding to your questions.
  18. Although we value each and every question initiated by you; we shall not keep them open eternally. Post a specific period of time beginning the date on which the service was deployed, the service shall be closed. Please refer to the current terms of our services.
  19. We do not take any actions that may impact the result of any of our services. The results reflect the aggregated views of the respondents.
  20. The Poll of The Day; Expert vote as well as Popular vote are both online polls and the results are aggregated by the online system. There is no human intervention whatsoever in the final output.
  21. In fact, the researcher has no access to the individual responses for any of the services.
  22. Responses to Polls, Ratings, Rankings and Your Thoughts that you initiate and conduct are also not within our purview of control. All results are aggregated through the system.
  23. Once you accept to be on our Respondent Panel; we may utilize your personal information to determine whether you fit into the criteria defined for the survey.
  24. You shall receive invitations to participate in surveys once you qualify for the criteria.
  25. You shall receive invitations to participate in surveys once you qualify for the criteria.
  26. Your response shall never be disclosed at an individual level neither in any other way that shall disclose your identity.
  27. For every 20 valid responses provided for a particular service; earn one of that service free.Ex: For every 20 valid responses for Polls to which invitation to participate has been received by virtue of being on the Respondent Panel; earn one Free Poll Service.
  28. No global moral and ethical standards are available for us to pre-determine whether a statement or an image can be classified as spam or abusive. We believe in the goodness of people and follow the law ‘Innocent unless proved otherwise’. Moreover, whether content uploaded by members is abusive or not is subject to the audience deployed for the same. Thus, you may use our Report Spam/ Abuse action button if you feel so. We have no direct access to the content and also individual responses.
  29. We shall not share any of your payment details. All information shared by you when you purchase our services online shall be strictly confidential.