General questions
A) VoxPopulii is primarily a Market Research firm that offers:
  • INSIGHTS for Better Decisions. However, our online tools can be deployed beyond business decisions. Try deploying VoxPopulii.in as your Personal Decision Consultant!
  • Enables you to Tune IN to be in SYNC.
  • VoxPopulii.in is a Freemium Progressive Online Platform for your market research requirements in the evolving digital world
Once you're a member you shall be entitled to conduct Polls, Ratings, Rankings and Your Thoughts amongst 50 respondents each month for FREE!
  • The Poll of the Day is conducted by VoxPopulii. It is our endeavour to provide a balanced non-biased view of hot current issues to not only our members but to our society at large.
  • Anybody can vote for the Poll of The Day and everybody can share the outcome anywhere with the caveat that it's source namely, VoxPopulii is quoted.
  • The results are split into Popular Vote and Expert Panel Vote. The latter aggregates the votes only from the Expert Panel.
The Expert Panel is empanelled and updated by VoxPopulii. These are experienced and respected members of our society carefully selected post extensive research. In order to attain a balanced perspective; these are chosen from across industries.
  • The Expert Panel is empanelled and updated by VoxPopulii. No fees are paid to the Expert panel as their expertise is sought for building a philanthropic service that we do not wish to influence in any way.
  • We do not empanel nominated persons on the Expert Panel. However, if you would like to make a suggestion please do write to us.
We deploy password encryption. Encryption is the process of obfuscating data by the use of a key or password. This can make the data useless without the corresponding decryption key or password. Encryption does not solve access control problems. However, it enhances security by limiting data loss even if access controls are bypassed.
VoxPopulii is primarily a Market Research firm that follows the MRSI code of conduct. We do not share respondent wise data with anybody. However, in order to improvise our service offerings, we do use aggregate results to the extent that they do not reveal the underlying data.
No global moral and ethical standards are available for us to pre-determine whether a statement or an image can be classified as spam or abusive. We believe in the goodness of people and follow the law ‘Innocent unless proved otherwise’. Moreover, whether content uploaded by members is abusive or not is subject to the audience deployed for the same. Thus, you may use our Report Spam/ Abuse action button if you feel so. We have no direct access to the content and also individual responses.
A) VoxPopulii can be deployed as Your Personal Decision Consultant!
  • Human Resources:
    Understand whether the new Training Program is effective: Conduct a quick Rating amongst the managers of trainees to determine percolation of training outcomes desired.
    Fine tune the new policy: Procure views through the open-ended question service Your Thoughts from the senior management across functions.
    Resolve a sticky contentious issue in the new policy: Conduct a quick Poll amongst all employees concerned and post results at your Intranet.
  • Property Developers/ Architects/ Designers:
    Determine the best design/ layout option: Upload images of up to 5 options and conduct a quick Ranking amongst the stakeholders and prospective buyers of the project and immediately post the result at your social media.
    Feedback from customers: Procure views from customers through an open-ended question namely Your Thoughts service and immediately post the result at your social media.
  • Artists:
    Feedback on your latest work: Upload images and seek Ratings and immediately post results at your social media.
  • Journalists:
    Statements and opinions required to write an article
    Conduct a quick YT amongst the industry spokespersons whose statements and opinions are required to write that perfect insightful article.
  • 'We The People' at Large:
    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions?! Events? Investments? Admissions? Purchases?
    Deploy Polling, Ratings, Rankings and Your Thoughts services to quickly make a decision.