Our Philosophy

View of Business

We endeavour to deliver Pearls of Wisdom from the Babel across the entire spectrum of the relevant People.

These INSIGHTS enable better relationships between Marketers and their Customers; promoting the development of better products and services. The empathy created not only augments business but also tends to perpetuate a blossoming relationship between the Brand and the Consumer! The better targeting and fine tuning of products and services increases the cohesiveness between markets and marketers and

develops ever evolving mutually beneficial

Both the Expert as well as Popular vote are intended to help you to propagate the voice of the enlightened people and the people at large to your social groups. We firmly believe that an enlightened and aware society is the truest way to discover the best way towards a happier evolution.

Thus, leading to higher satisfaction levels, a vehement sense of belonging, consumer empowerment, more joy and a better objective society!

The Poll of the Day is conducted by VoxPopulii. It is our endeavour to provide a balanced non-biased view of hot current issues to not only our members but to our society at large.

To further stress the importance of the initiative we would like to draw your attention to the following:

1. The connectivity boom is creating uncontrolled content at a rapid pace and although we cannot control it; we as responsible netizens must create fact based opinions. This shall be our humble contribution to India’s Digital drive.
2. An extract from the famous ‘Tryst with Destiny’ midnight independence speech:
The service of India means service of the millions who suffer. It means the ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity.

An aware society is generally more cohesive and less confused.

Please note that ‘ignorance’ is seconded only by poverty. Truly, disease and inequality of opportunity can be eradicated largely by education and awareness.

Anybody can vote and everybody can quote! However, we firmly request that the results be quoted with the source viz. VoxPopulii.in.

We have empanelled Experts across fields to participate in the Poll of The Day and aggregate the responses each day as Popular Vote and Expert Vote to provide an unbiased view of current hot issues that matter to most.

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