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Bijal Chitroda
Founder at VoxPopulii

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I’d like to share some of my views here that shall proffer my learnings to benefit your business and enrich your lives.

Survey Research is a vast landscape and is the most extensively used tool in Market Research. Almost every arena be it Governance, Planning, Investing, Product Development, Marketing, Human Resource, etc. deploy Survey Research.

In the Digital World thriving in a ‘SMACk VUCAcious’ (Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud and Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity) business environment wherein each Business entity is continuously re-inventing and evolving; the need for quick feedback is imperative. Moreover, with almost everything available at your fingertips; learning curves are shorter and trendwatchers predict the rise and rise of DIY (Do It Yourself).

Happy Vox Populii’ating!!

Many a times Marketers and Market Researchers require some quick inputs for their Marketing and Market Research Designs. The Online Market Research Tools offered by VoxPopulii namely, VoxPi | OMRT addresses this very need gap.

Connectivity round the clock is not just FUN! It creates an ecosystem of sharing, community learning, awareness, emulation and empathy that enriches our daily lives and impacts our decisions in numerous ways. The VoxPopulii Poll services aim to fulfil our societal needs to share, question and populate views of the society we live in.; although primarily a Marketing Research platform has been expanded to include certain social engagement tools too! The freemium model shall certainly entice you to indulge in some Marketing Research of your own!