CSS Solutions

CSS Solutions

VoxPopulii Online Market Research Services | CSS Solutions Vox Populi, Vox Dei is Latin for "the voice of the people is the voice of God." The CSS Solutions service can be used to “hear” the voice of your God: The Customer; and to conduct an enquiry into the satisfaction of your customers with your Products and/ or Services in REAL TIME.

The Customer Satisfaction survey is a ubiquitous tool deployed by most product and services companies for various targeted purposes. However, if CSS is deployed, monitored and analysed in REAL TIME;
The following benefits shall accrue as well:
1.  Identifying and fixing issues in real time
2.  Mapping the timing of the feedback with that of the frontline staff at retail outlets can enable real time feedback and fine tuning
3.  Identifying better matches for the client service teams
4.  Using the results as a tool for frontline service executive’s appraisals
5.  Using the results as a tool for frontline service executive’s training and development needs
6.  Proactively identify any customer losses and providing solutions to the disgruntlement
7.  Periodic trend analyses and reports can help to identify and correct macro issues

About CSS Solutions
VoxPopulii | CSS Solutions are annual contracts that offer administering 3 or 5 question Customer Satisfaction Surveys at the point of sale through the Tell Me App. Thus, CSS Solutions are the real time, real situation cousins of CSS administered at the moment of truth and triggering crucial action at the correct time.
Currently the app is available for the Android OS.
The questions can be designed for specific requirements such as Identifying any problem areas that may result in customer losses or to check retail outlet wise efficacy of customer services, etc.
Being a real-time solution; triggers can be designed for immediate action.
1.  Delight Triggers: 5 continuous Excellent feedbacks can identify customer delight factors and award the staff at the retail outlet immediately and build a role model for client services
2.  Distress Triggers: 5 continuous Very Bad feedbacks can immediately help to identify and correct the ‘mood’ at the retail outlet
The fees are based on:
1.   Number of questions required
2.   Number of App installations required
3.   Number of presentations required in the year
4.   Complexity of Reports required in the year

Needless to say, that Annual contracts shall be the norm.
The fees shall have two components:
1.   Setup fee
2.   Annual contract fee

Please contact us at clientservice@voxpopulii.in for further discussions.