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Vox Populii in Latin means opinions of the people and the term has been widely known to mean voice of the people or popular opinion or sentiment of the people. In broadcasting, Vox Populii is an interview of the members of the public.

“All art is biographical; the PEARL is the oyster’s autobiography” – Federico Fellini

By extracting the pearl, the entire story of the oyster can be understood akin to discovering the INSIGHT from the voice of the people!

We aim to deliver Pearls of Wisdom from the Babel across the entire spectrum of the relevant People.

The logo is an all-embracing circle of callouts in the seven primary colours. These callouts synthesize towards the nucleus, all the opinions and sentiments all around and merge them into white light viz. the INSIGHT - the Pearl of Wisdom!

The revenue model is freemium meaning basic services are FREE!

Our Poll of The Day service provides two aggregations – Expert Panel vote and Popular Panel vote and is open to all for not only voting but also for sharing provided it is accompanied with the quote explaining the source namely VoxPopulii.

The Expert Panel comprises of Experts across industry segments who have been invited to participate in our Poll of The Day. We adhere to stringent empanelment norms as it directly influences the truthfulness and equilibrium of the outcome of the Expert Panel vote.

As we age we shall only become more informative and effective by enriching experiences. With the maturing learning curve; Benchmarking services across industries and services for similar types of survey results shall be possible. Moreover, we shall be able to offer desirable respondent sets via our online Respondent Panel.

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