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Yesterday's PoTD

Would the IPL be better with one or two more teams?

Expert Panel

Yes 100 %
No 0%
Dont Know 0%

Popular Votes

Yes 71%
No 14%
Dont Know 14%

Poll Of the Day

Given the plethora of product specifications listed on ecommerce portals; do shoppers have time and intent to check the information on country of origin?

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The Polling Tool aids to find out whether the answer to any doubtful issue should be “Yes”, “No” or “Don’t Know".

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The   Rating   Tool   aids to   evaluate a   specific   statement   or   image.   In the terms   Of Stars   or a Statement.

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The    Ranking       aids to   find out     how a set   of five   statements or images are   comparatively     liked.            

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Your Thoughts

The Your Thoughts aids to administer an open-ended question eliciting an opinion, response or maybe a quiz answer.          

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